MFE is a business event that integrating exhibitions, negotiations, forums and promotion meetings to help companies expand business opportunities. Highlights of this year's include:

Three major UFI Approved Exhibitions in Macau at the same period
2020MFE will be held together with the "25th Macau International Trade and Investment Fair" (25th MIF) and the 2020 Portuguese-speaking Countries Products and Services Exhibition (Macau) (2020PLPEX). Three grand occasions together to play a synergistic effect and enhance the professional brand image.
Online Sessions and Workshops
Online training sessions by masters will be arranged before the expo, to deliver the brand upgrade tips to SMEs.
SMEs Brand Upgrade Support
Corporate branding consultants and legal personnel will be arranged to give face-to-face advice during the Expo. Time-honored brand and local brand activation zone, smart retail technology Zone are also planned to boost new impetus.
Online exhibition linkage
As a supplement to offline exhibitions to display more content. With the help of instant messaging system and live broadcast room, exhibitors can communicate with buyers at any time to promote their brand.
"big hit snacks"
“Food Trends” will cater youngsters. Besides marking at the pavilion and challenging your taste buds limits, you can also get low-cost investment tips and become a young leader of the catering field.