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Exhibitors: Macao Franchise Expo Drives Business Forward


This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Macao Franchise Expo (MFE). As an annual flagship event in the international franchising sector, this year’s MFE unleashes its innovative spirit and integrates successful experience from the past editions to create a platform for enterprises to expand business opportunities. Exhibitors participating in the 2018MFE confirmed that their business and brand’s “soft power” were enhanced, acknowledging the MFE’s effectiveness. Moreover, a total of 45 sessions were held at the Business Matching Area on the second day of the 2018MFE.

The 2018MFE is jointly organised by the Macao Trade and Investment Promotion Institute (IPIM), the Macao International Brand Enterprise Commercial Association (MIBA), the Macao Chain Stores and Franchise Association (MCFA), the Brazilian Franchise Association (ABF), the Association of Chain and Franchise Promotion, Taiwan (ACFPT) and the Licensing & Franchising Association of Hong Kong (LFA). This year’s MFE has set up a “Smart Retail Zone” to enable participants to learn about the latest technologies and services the retail industry has to offer.

At a unmanned juice bar, Ms Li, who participated in the MFE in Macao for the first time, said she came to promote an automated vending machine providing freshly squeezed juice. The automated machine, she added, can be used in different cities and the mode of payment can be selected based on customers’ needs. Anyone wishing to start a business would find it a good choice to invest in such a machine as the cost is low. According to Ms Li, over 300 people approached her for information during the exhibition, with half from Macao and the other half from Mainland China and Hong Kong. Such a positive result surpassed her expectation and the company decided to take part in the Macao International Trade and Investment Fair (MIF) in October this year, with plans to continue to participate in the MFE next year.

Since Macao is the “Commercial and Trade Co-operation Service Platform between China and Portuguese-speaking Countries”, enterprises from Portuguese-speaking countries also continue to take part in the MFE this year. Participating in the exhibition for the second time, Mr Nuno Oliveira, a Portuguese brand representative of children’s educational products, said his company sells complete sets of teaching materials for children and computer software, among other things, and that all products are made in Portugal which could help children learn in different ways. Although it has its agency in Mainland China, he said, the company is seeking other partners to promote its products to more cities.

A beer brand from the Czech Republic was also participating in the MFE for the first time. Mr James Addison, the person in-charge of the company, said that his company wished to expand sales in Macao since its market share in the region was relatively small compared to its good sales performance in Mainland China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan and South Korea. He expected that the MFE could help the company seek partners in Macao to strengthen brand promotion.

Ms Liu, who represents a company engaged in the production of ornaments with real flowers in the Taiwan, indicated it was the first time for the company to participate in the exhibition but the result had gone beyond expectation, as many visitors demonstrated interest in the products, including a lot of potential clients. She believed that the exhibition could deliver benefits to the company and that it would strive to participate in the MFE next year.

Mr Hong, a coffee service provider also from the Taiwan, expected to promote new products and find partners through this exhibition. As many visitors were attracted to taste his coffee during the exhibition, his promotional objective was fulfilled.

The Gourmet Avenue returned at this year’s MFE and witnessed high patronage on the second day of the event. Mr Pak, a representative from a local enterprise in Macao selling snowy egg tarts, said the company’s products were produced in a deep-frozen environment with safe ingredients of high quality and vacuum packed. Since its products can be delivered to Mainland China in just one day, online selling performs quite well for the company. Having participated in the MFE several times, he spoke highly of the event as an ideal platform for product promotion. He also commented that, in 2012, his company successfully established co-operation on opening factories in Thailand and regional agencies for sales in Southeast Asia. As he pointed out, the aim of participating in this year’s exhibition is to seek partners to establish outlets in Macao so as to raise brand awareness and allow more people to taste its specialties. During the past two days, he said, the company has received investment intentions from five enterprises in Mainland China, Malaysia, and Singapore.

The 2018MFE will conclude tomorrow (29 July), which is designated as the “Start-up Launchpad” Day. Successful entrepreneurs will be invited to the MFE to share their entrepreneurship experience. In order to encourage the use of public transport and green commuting, four free shuttle bus routes travelling to and from the exhibition venue, the Macao peninsula and Taipa are provided, stopping at stations on the Rua do Dr. Pedro José Lobo (The Macao Square), the Avenida do Conselheiro Ferreira de Almeida (Near Conselheiro Ferreira De Almeida/Pak Wai Bus Stop), the Rua do Mercado de lao Hon (Opposite to Jardim de Iao Hon, near the ISquare Computer Plaza), and the Avenida de Guimãraes (Parque Central da Taipa, opposite to Nova Park). Parking spaces at Halls D and E. Spaces are available on a first-come-first-served basis due to limited availability. Free Wi-Fi is provided at the venue. For more details on the 2018MFE, please visit the MFE’s official website www.mfe.mo or follow us on WeChat: MFEMacau.



Enterprises expand their businesses through the MFE


The MFE helps enterprises enhance the “soft power” of their business and brands