VIP Buyer Meeting

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The VIP Buyer Meeting aims to provide a private meeting opportunity for quality investors and MFE exhibitors to discuss the possibilities of investment projects.



Time:Approximately 30 min/ meeting

Venue: VIP Buyer Lounge, Hall A, The Venetian Macao-Resort-Hotel


Procedure of Pre-arranged Business Matchings:

  1. The MFE extends invitation to VIP Buyers
  2. VIP Buyers confirm participation by submitting registration form, while exhibitors provide brief description of their companies or brands
  3. The MFE conducts business matchings accordingly
  4. Upon agreement of both parties, the MFE will allocate time slots for meetings


Participating VIP Buyers will be entitled to complimentary accommodation of up to two nights, complimentary ferry tickets, and local transportation in Macao.

Registration Deadline: 30 /6 /2016

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