Transportation to Macau

By Air

Helicopters – East Asia Airlines and Heli Express Limited co-operates aircrafts between the helipads on the Macau and Hong Kong Ferry Terminals. Flight duration is only 16 minutes.
For details, please visit Heli Express Limited.

Aircrafts – The Macao International Airport offers direct or connecting flights to several destinations in the region, and other parts of the world.
For flight details, please visit the Macao International Airport’s website.

By Sea

High-speed ferries to 3 locations in Hong Kong (one in Kowloon, one just steps from Central Hong Kong and one at the Hong Kong International Airport) depart every 15 – 30 minutes and travel time is just 55 minutes. There are also services to and from the Fu Yong Terminal near Shenzhen’s Baoan International Airport.
For details, please visit TurboJET and First Ferry

By Land

Macau has two border checkpoints with Mainland China the Lotus Bridge connecting to Hengqin Island in Zhuhai and the Border Gate checkpoint at Zhuhai.